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The Smith Team has been assisting sellers with short sales since 2005...years before 'short sale' was a commonplace term. They understand the current market, are familiar with lenders' short sale processes, and have all of the forms needed to make this a smooth transaction. They can inform you of your options and explain the processes involved. Call them today!

Fight Foreclosure!

Know the costs!

You pay no out-of-pocket costs to get help in selling your home! Our team is paid at closing by the proceeds to your lender. If we don't close, you don't owe us anything! You should never have to pay an agent upfront to help you with a short sale. Call us to see how we get homes sold!

What is a Short Sale?

Understand Your Options!

There are many options being offered by lenders and the government. There are news stories, websites, and commercials throwing out solutions, 'fixes', and even rewards! You may feel overwhelmed. We can give you honest information about your options and what steps to take to work with your lender.

Learn about HAFA!

We can help with your modification!

Working with your lender to try to modify your loan and/or monthly payment is NOT a service you should pay for! Our team can help you submit required documents to your lender and communicate with them on your behalf. This is a service we provide to our clients, free of charge!